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There are those that feel a €1M+ prototype car is out of place charging across the Sahara. Demanding budgets now beyond the reach even of famous factory teams, the sport has become a question of who’s the best of the few with €100Ms to spend.

The McRae Enduro is about adding affordability by using production-sourced engine and driveline components; about delivering around 85% of the performance for 25% of the cost; about sustainability and relevance.

The FIA created a new class in late 2008 around the McRae concept, which was to combine a bespoke, clean-sheet chassis design, with a production driveline.

Many said the production components, particularly the transmission, would fail. But there were no failures and 3 out of 4 McRae Enduros finished the 2009 Dakar.

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The McRae brand is all about affordable excellence. The all-new 4x2 concept is the first of what is predicted to be a most popular new class for X-Country and Baja events.

Fun to drive, the aim is to deliver extremely high levels off-road performance at a price never before achieved with 4-wheels.

The McRae 4x2 is for experience motorcycle riders switching to 4 wheels; for youngsters and those new to the sport; together with experienced competitors seeking more performance at a reduced price.

The McRae 4x2 is a fusion of 1000cc’s worth of reliable Japanese motorcycle power, and bespoke off-road suspension.

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