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For 2010 the McRea Enduro is equipped with the 3.6-litre V8 twin-turbo diesel from J-LR. The 6-speed ZF and standard differentials are retained.

Running with FIA restrictors, the power of the V8 is around 270hp, the same as the standard engine, but it has that vital extra torque that enables the machine to lug itself through fine sand at 3-4000m above sea level.

For 2010 the chassis has been extensively revised following the lessons learned from its Dakar debut. Sub-frames are retained front and rear but overall stiffness is boosted by more than 40%. Revised wishbones and refined geometry ensure the state-of-the-art Reiger dampers optimise traction and the turning circle is vastly improved.

While the V8 dropped perfectly into the existing engine bay, the radiators were moved rearwards and a new fuel tank was required. Actually it’s smaller than the 350L Dakar tank from the V6, because the diesels proved far more economical than expected. Dakar is a pedal to the floor 10,000km experience, and in spite of the mud, sand, the climbs, the mile-high dunes, the 2009 V6 machines returned an average of over 16mpg!

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4x4 tech spec
Chassis: Bespoke steel space-frame; front and rear sub-frames for suspension location
Engine: 3.6-litre V8 twin turbo-diesel from Jaguar-Land Rover; 270hp; 500lb/ft torque; bespoke front-mounted PWR inter-coolers
Driveline: 6-speed ZF H pattern, 4WD transfer box with mechanically selected hi/low range with locking centre differential, locking rear differential
Suspension: Ambidextrous twin A arms with bespoke alloy billet uprights all-round
Dampers: Twin Reiger dampers per wheel
Brakes: 6-pot Alcon Calipers working on standard production discs
Wheels: 7x16 Speedline alloys with 235/80/16 Pirelli Scorpion Zero tyres
Body: Unstressed composite panels
Fuel tank: 300L ATL tank to FIA FT3 specification
Cooling: Bespoke PWR radiator with 3 Spal fans
Length: 4200mm
Width: 1980mm
Height: 1650mm
WB: 1775mm
Weight: 1868kg

latest news

Dakar finishing line
Two McRae 4x2s reach Buenos Aries to Finish the 2010 Dakar and win the new FIA T1 Lightweight Class.
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Pirelli Sparco Castrol PWR Speedline