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Not everyone can immediately appreciate the fascination of the sport that used to be called Rally Raid and is exemplified by the infamous Dakar Rally.

For competitors, CROSS COUNTRY RALLYING is about true grit; about unstinting preparation and attention to detail; about extreme endurance; about overcoming and facing down problems that would stop lesser people in their tracks; and about demonstrating a fanatical determination to reach a distant finish.

Yes, it’s extreme motorsport, but closer parallels might be a round the world yacht race, or the scaling of the world’s more difficult summits. To finish in Cross Country mental resilience is key.

McRae Enduro is a one-stop source of purpose-designed vehicles for those that wish to take up the ultimate motorsport challenge.

latest news

Dakar finishing line
Two McRae 4x2s reach Buenos Aries to Finish the 2010 Dakar and win the new FIA T1 Lightweight Class.
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